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Pain Shouldn’t be a Part of Your Everyday Life. Take Back Control with Physical Therapy!

10th October , 2019

Chronic pain can take over your life if you don’t take proactive measures to overcome it. Instead of enjoying life to the fullest, daily pain can become the central focus of your life. You start skipping out on social activities, playing with children or grandchildren, or other activities that used to be routine. Instead, the

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Frustrated by your chronic joint pain? See how physical therapy can help relieve arthritis pain.

20th September , 2019

Do your joints hurt all the time? You just may have chronic joint pain. Call MTI Physical Therapy today to schedule an appointment with one of our physical therapists. We’ll help alleviate your joint pain. What Is Chronic Joint Pain? Joint pain can occur in any part of the joint, including the muscles, tendons, bone,

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Do You Suffer From Frequent Headaches? Physical Therapy Can Help!

10th September , 2019

Headaches have the potential to destroy your plans for the day and interfere with your ability to accomplish tasks. Frequent headaches are the most common form of pain in the U.S., reports the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, a division of the National Institutes of Health. In fact, nine out of 10 adults

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6 Ways to Prevent Injuries While Strength Training

15th August , 2019

One of the most common pieces of advice given to people in strength training programs is simply to “not hurt yourself.” Whether it’s a recovery program from a previous injury or surgery, or you’re simply trying to improve your physical performance, it is a common phrase that you’ll hear. While it may seem easier said

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High-Quality Protein: What is it and Why is it Important?

5th August , 2019

Protein is a necessary nutrient for maintaining high levels of physical function. If you’re a dedicated athlete, a weekend warrior, or someone who is simply trying to become more active, your protein intake plays a key role in your physical performance. There are many factors of high-quality protein that can benefit you in ways you

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poor posture

Suffering with Back Pain? Check Your Posture!

22nd July , 2019

In one longitudinal study, back pain accounted for more than 3 percent of all emergency room visits between 2004 and 2008. It is also estimated that more than 25 million Americans suffer from chronic pain, many with a disability that prevents them from doing normal daily tasks like working and caring for themselves or others.

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Killin’ It This Summer in the Sand

15th July , 2019

Summer in the Pacific Northwest brings warm weather, longer days, blue skies and sunshine, which makes it perfect weather to hit the beach for a game (or two, three, or four) of sand volleyball. For those who love the game, there almost isn’t anything better. Warm sand between the toes, ability to play 2s, 3s,

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High Intensity Benefits with Low Intensity Training — You CAN Cheat the System

9th July , 2019

MTI physical therapy is excited to be the first company in Seattle and the greater Eastside to offer blood flow restriction (BFR) training, with certified physical therapy providers. BFR involves performing resistance training, or cardiovascular training, with a computerized tourniquet system, that is similar to a blood pressure cuff, on the proximal upper and/or lower

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Common Causes of Shoulder Pain and How Physical Therapy Can Help

5th July , 2019

Your shoulder is the most flexible and movable joint in your body, consisting of several bones, muscles, joints, and tendons. This means there are several ways the shoulder can become injured and cause pain. There are many causes of shoulder pain and steps you can take to eliminate the discomfort. Physical therapy is an effective

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better balance

The Connection Between Core Strength and Better Balance

20th June , 2019

Physical therapy as an industry has been talking about the link between core strength and better balance for years. When the “core” muscles around your trunk are strong, they prevent chronic lower back pain and many other injuries, but they also keep you from losing your balance and falling down. A stronger core will help

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