Ski Performance Assessment

Skiing is a technical sport and requires the ability to make finite changes in body angles and small motions at the foot/ankle, knee, hip and trunk to control how a ski tracks and slides.

MTI Physical Therapy offers Ski Performance Assessments in our Fremont clinic. This functional movement assessment has been built specifically to address the movements necessary for skiers to improve technical aspects of skiing.  The exam assists with determining lack of mobility and/or stability through a pattern of movements that are different from strength, endurance, and agility that may hinder an intermediate to advanced skier to make change in technique. Functional movement, individualized training programs, and a bit of creativity can address those movements we just can’t seem to change.

The exam includes:

  • Ski specific functional assessment of movement
  • Boot fitting references
  • Individualized exercise progressions focused on the needs of skiers and snowboarders in particular

This program can benefit skiers of any level, from beginners to pros. If you could benefit from this comprehensive program, contact our Fremont clinic to schedule your assessment with Anne Healzer today!

For more information, Contact us at our Bellevue, Kirkland, Issaquah, Magnolia, Fremont, First Hill or our Downtown Seattle, WA physical therapy clinic.