One-to-One Care

Pioneering the 1:1 model of care, all MTI clinics schedule one-hour patient visits entirely with a physical therapist. We have elected to avoid the industry standard of scheduling 2 or more patients per hour with unlicensed staff, or physical therapy assistants, participating in patient care. MTI only provides physical therapy services solely with physical therapists, not with assistants, aides, trainers or any other unlicensed staff.

This one-to-one model of care meets the core values of MTI:

  • Quality: Individualized treatment plans, designed by a physical therapist, matching your problems and goals
  • Consistency: Follow through with the same clinician from one visit to the next
  • Education: A residency trained physical therapist is more qualified to design, dose and progress your exercise program to match your anatomy, injury and goals
  • Privacy: Private treatment rooms with therapeutic tables
  • Not a health club: Unique exercise equipment designed for rehabilitation with the transition to independence.
  • Qualification: In house post-graduate residency training in advanced orthopedic manual therapy and exercise
  • Value: Appreciation for the high cost of healthcare, ensuring the best possible level of care for dollars spent with a focus on manual therapy, exercise and education
  • Service: we verify your benefits and bill your insurance company for you

Our goal is to cater to the unique needs of each individual while providing the highest level of care and customer service.