Manual Therapy Fellowship

76 Fellows Graduates
>24,000 Mentoring Hours

Trained and graduated 76 therapists (and counting!)
Does not include mentoring students outside of MTI.

Over 10,000 hours of mentoring

MTI PT is proud to offer full-time manual therapy fellowship training in conjunction with the Ola Grimsby Institute. Teaching is in our DNA, graduating the most residents and fellows in the state of Washington. Our experience shows:

  • Teaching full-time fellowship programs since 2005
  • MTI PT has trained and graduated 76 manual therapy fellows… and counting
  • Over 10,000 hours of clinical mentoring for our employees, as well as part-time residency students from the United States and Europe
  • Exceptional learning environment with experienced faculty, clinical mentors and past graduates

Program Benefits

  • Full time salary based on 36-38 hour work week.
  • Full tuition coverage for the OGI Manual Therapy Fellowship, associated courses and exam fees*
  • 12-Month Manual Therapy Fellowship with an exercise emphasis
  • Didactic class time – 24 class days
  • 150 clinical supervision built into the normal work week from experienced clinicians and mentors
  • *Fellows-in-Training can elect to pay the tuition, courses and exam fees themselves, earning a normal full-time therapist salary with monthly production bonus.

Additional Benefits

  • Paid Dues: APTA, APTA-WA, AAOMPT
  • State license fees
  • Employee health insurance, 401k plan (7.5% MTI contribution), dental, vision, 3 weeks PTO and 7 paid holidays.
  • 4-day work week
  • 1-hour patient visits allow time to practice and develop clinical reasoning, manipulation skills and exercise prescription expertise.

Step To Apply:
To enroll in the Fellowship program*, candidates must have already successfully completed the OGI Orthopedic Residency program with either of two pathways:

  1. Current MTI employees completing their residency training can enroll directly through the OGI.
  2. Candidates that have not completed the OGI Residency, but feel they have completed a comparative orthopedic residency can challenge the enrollment process through the OGI, once accepted, apply to MTI for employment and placement in the fellowship program. To apply for a full-time position at MTI, contact

*MTI full-time fellowship positions are limited by need and availability.

Regardless of employment status, candidates will still need to complete the application and enrollment process through the OGI.

The Manual Therapy Fellowship program is taught in cooperation with the Ola Grimsby Institute. The program involves an exceptional didactic program in differential diagnosis, manual therapy treatment interventions and an advanced exercise curriculum. This accredited program meets ABPTRFE’s standards for content and clinical instruction, as well as meeting requirements to achieve Fellowship status with AAOMPT.

Ola Grimsby Institute