Spine Injuries

Spinal injuries and pain whether cervical, thoracic, lumbar or sacral-iliac (SI) are very common ailments that almost every one of us will experience during the course of one’s lifetime. Studies have shown that approximately 80% or more of the population will suffer from some form of low back pain. Injuries and pain can range from minor sprains or strains to severe injuries, disc herniations, spinal joints (segments) that lack stability or from the natural degeneration process of aging. Pain can arise from ligament sprains, muscle strains or imbalances, traumatic activities, disc injuries with and without herniations or compensations for other injuries over time.

Physical therapy can be helpful by identifying the problem and looking for other related causes. This allows the therapist to treat the causes while decreasing pain, and restoring your function. Your therapist will also be looking for other areas of dysfunction that may be from compensation or actually contributing to your pain. Sometimes conservative physical therapy can actually prevent the need for surgical intervention.

At MTI Physical Therapy the latest and best evidence-based techniques and treatments are utilized to restore flexibility, joint mobility and stability, strength, and balance– getting you effectively and efficiently back to function.

If you are looking to decrease your pain, improve your function and return you to work and to the activities that you enjoy, MTI Physical Therapy has the tools available to help you achieve your goals.