Marketing Engagement Program (MEP)

Personal relationships are the differentiating factor in any successful business. Each time you engage with a Provider, you are growing your relationship with that provider and helping to raise awareness of your Physical Therapy skills within your community. A provider, who has had a chance to meet with you one-on-one and trusts the level of care you can provide, will be more likely to refer patients to you. We know your time is valuable and would like to acknowledge you for building these relationships and promoting both yourself and MTI Physical Therapy by receiving $50.

Participating in the MTI Physical Therapy Marketing Engagement Program (MEP) is easy – just remember this acronym: SEL!

• Schedule: Schedule a time to interact with one or more providers (an engagement). These engagements can include:
• A 10-minute profiling meeting
• Attending a breakfast meeting or presentation and making a face-to-face contact with a provider
• Attending or “working” a sporting event (game coverage) with the provider
• Shadowing a provider
• Manning a booth at an event

Add the scheduled encounter to Zoho* as a new event (labeled “Marketing Engagement”).
• Engage: Engage with the provider at the event or meeting. Get to know them and try to find something you have in common with them. That is a great way to start building a solid relationship. Learn as much about them as possible.
• Log: After the engagement, go back into Zoho* and add a note on the provider’s page in Zoho – include the “Marketing Engagement” tag and anything you learned about the provider during your engagement in your note.

* If you need help utilizing Zoho, please review the “Zoho Quick Guide”

Fine print:
• Managers or lead therapists are not eligible to participate in the MEP.
• You must log your activity in Zoho for tracking purposes – if you don’t, your engagement won’t be entered into the drawing. If you do not have access to Zoho, your Manager can log your activity for you until you are granted access.
• If you are scheduling a type of engagement that does not appear on the above list, please check with Anna to make sure that the engagement is eligible for the $50.
• We will run a report from Zoho using the keywords “Marketing Engagement” to get a list of all of Marketing Engagements that were completed.
• You can earn $50 for each engagement per month to compensate you for your time. If your activity isn’t logged in Zoho properly and promptly, you will not be eligible to receive the $50.

Are you ready to “SEL” your skills? This program will start on April 1st, so start setting up your appointments today! If you have any questions, please email Anna.