Schedule an Appointment

Please call one of our seven convenient locations to schedule an appointment today. Our friendly front desk staff will ask you for the following information:

  • Personal contact information
  • Insurance card information
  • Depending upon your insurance coverage, a prescription or referral may be needed from your physician
  • For work injuries (L&I) or motor vehicle (PIP) claims, please provide your claim number, date of injury, name and phone number of your claim representative

Do I Need to See a Physician First?

We can provide physical therapy services directly without a referral. However, many insurance companies require a physician referral or prescription in order for your treatment to be covered. Please check with your insurance company to determine your PT benefits and if a prescription is required.

We recommend booking a few weeks of appointments in advance, especially if you require an appointment early or late in the day.

We look forward to hearing from you today.